Preventive Maintenance Property Inspections for Homes & Businesses

A home inspector in a suit writes on a checklist.

Just as people need annual physical exams and cars need routine tune-ups, homes and businesses require regular preventive maintenance property inspections. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. And, when it comes to property repairs, this prevention can mean significant cost savings.

Based outside of Chicago, Illinois, Pinnacle Property Inspection Services specializes in providing annual preventive maintenance inspection services that can spare you the headache and expense of having to deal with major home repairs.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Property Inspection Services

By having Pinnacle perform regular inspections of your home or business, you can identify and address issues with your property before they become more costly to repair. We have only trained and experienced inspectors on our team who utilize advanced technology, such as drones and thermal cameras, to identify:

  • Undetected leaks that can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs as well as health hazards
  • Inefficient systems, such as HVAC, windows, and insulation, that can lead to unnecessarily high monthly energy costs
  • Damage to exterior systems, such as roofing, siding, and drainage, that can shorten the life expectancy of these components
  • Problems with sump pumps before they become costly to repair
  • Issues with commercial and industrial equipment

We Can Connect You with a Licensed General Contractor for Quotes & Repairs

If any problems are identified during your preventive maintenance property inspection, Pinnacle can make it as easy as possible to have them repaired. Through our Post Home Services, we can conveniently connect you to a local, licensed general contractor who can provide an accurate quote and schedule services for virtually any type of residential repair.

Schedule Your Preventive Maintenance Property Inspection Today

You go to the doctor every year to ensure you have a clean bill of health. Why not have the same done for your home or business? Contact Pinnacle Property Inspection Services today to schedule a preventive maintenance property inspection in the Chicago area.

Pinnacle Property Inspection Services

Ratings & Reviews

“After having a home inspection done by Pinnacle, you realize just how inept every other inspection company really is. From drone pictures of your property to infrared imaging showing you the heat/cold area of your insulated windows, they'll do it all for the same price you'll pay having some knuckle-head to come out and tell you a bunch of garbage. Money well spent when you're making the biggest investment of your life!”

Tyler M.

“I hired Pinnacle to inspect a property we were looking to purchase and rehab. The booking process was simple and they came to inspect the property the next business day. They were extremely through and honest about the state of house. There was major issues we had not budgeted for, in the end this inspection led us to move away from this house. I believe that hiring Pinnacle saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm grateful for their help!”

Mony K.

“Working with Pinnacle Property Home Inspection Services was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend! The team was professional, personable, and very easy to schedule! Most importantly for us, our home inspection was extremely thorough and detailed. Pinnacle gave us transparent and well-documented information to feel more confident in our upcoming purchase!”

Alicia W.