Professional Chimney Inspection Services for Local Homes

A living roof with a large brick fireplace.

For many homebuyers in the Chicago, Illinois, area, a fireplace can be a major selling point. As you walk through the home, you might imagine you and your loved ones curled up by a cozy fire during long winter nights. However, it’s important to remember that fireplaces and chimneys can also be a source of problems and potentially expensive repair costs. At Pinnacle Property Inspection Services, we look past the beauty of the fireplace, providing comprehensive chimney inspections to see what’s really happening on the inside.

Why Chimney Scoping Is an Important Part of the Home Inspection Process

Chimneys require routine inspection and maintenance. If the current homeowner hasn’t kept up with this maintenance, it can result in significant safety concerns. For example, clogged chimneys cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to enter the home when the fireplace is in use. Chimneys can also accumulate creosote on interior walls, which have the potential to ignite under intense heat and cause a house fire. What’s more, improperly maintained chimneys can easy crack and develop mold, resulting in the need for costly repairs.

Fireplace & Chimney Inspection Services From Pinnacle

Accurately identifying problems with chimneys requires a trained eye. That’s why Pinnacle has only experienced chimney inspectors perform this service. We use advanced technology for chimney scoping, allowing us to get a clear video of every interior component, including the throat, smoke chamber, and flue. Plus, we will inspect the fireplace, flashing, crown, and other exterior components, so that we can provide a detailed report.

As a local, family-owned company, Pinnacle Property Inspection Services is proud to provide comprehensive home inspections and specialty services in the Chicago, IL, area. In addition to chimney scoping, we can provide sewer scoping, mold inspection, radon detection, and asbestos inspection. Contact us today to learn more.

Pinnacle Property Inspection Services

Ratings & Reviews

“I hired Pinnacle to inspect a property we were looking to purchase and rehab. The booking process was simple and they came to inspect the property the next business day. They were extremely through and honest about the state of house. There was major issues we had not budgeted for, in the end this inspection led us to move away from this house. I believe that hiring Pinnacle saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm grateful for their help!”

Mony K.

“After having a home inspection done by Pinnacle, you realize just how inept every other inspection company really is. From drone pictures of your property to infrared imaging showing you the heat/cold area of your insulated windows, they'll do it all for the same price you'll pay having some knuckle-head to come out and tell you a bunch of garbage. Money well spent when you're making the biggest investment of your life!”

Tyler M.

“Working with Pinnacle Property Home Inspection Services was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend! The team was professional, personable, and very easy to schedule! Most importantly for us, our home inspection was extremely thorough and detailed. Pinnacle gave us transparent and well-documented information to feel more confident in our upcoming purchase!”

Alicia W.