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I use a Fluke Thermal Imager

What does that mean to you, the home owner or buyer?

This gives you the confidence in knowing that, through my training and certification by Snell, I have logged in over 1,000 hours of in-the-field experience. This means that you're getting the best possible home or condo inspection and you will not have to worry about something hidden being missed or overlooked.

Thermal Imaging is a non-contact technology used to help identify potential electrical, mechanical, or process problems from a safe distance. This allows me to scan moving, elevated, and high temperature surfaces without needing to get too close.

Superior image quality

Fluke delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find and fix problems fast. Industry-leading thermal sensitivity (NETD) identifies small temperature differences that could indicate big problems. Even the smallest details become visible with large, widescreen, full VGA color LCD display. Patented IR-Fusion® technology delivers the industry's best visible/infrared image alignment and focusing

Easy to use

The intuitive, three-button menu is easy to use and the thumb navigation makes it easy for me to focus on your inspection and not on operating the thermal imager. It also allows me to add comments quickly and easily with voice annotation. Easy, manual focus allows for precise image viewing control. Effortless file management, automatically store image, voice and text annotations in one simple file.


Fluke Thermal Imagers are designed to reliably operate in the toughest industrial environments. Engineered and tested to withstand a 2 meter (6.5 foot) drop, the imager withstands dust and water, and has been tested up to an IP54 rating. It can be used in ambient temperatures as low as -10 °C (14 °F) and high as +50 °C (122 °F).

Below are some pictures taken from the thermal imager. Notice how it can detect potential issues that the naked eye cannot.

water leak due to cracked crownThe picture to the left shows a cracked crown on a chimney.

Without the thermal imager, this probably would have gone undetected.







This is a hot circuit breaker seen with a thermal imagerThe image to the right is an excellent example of a hot circuit breaker. This could not have been detected without a thermal imager.

The cause of this hot circuit could be from a wire that is not capable of handling the load on this circuit and could be considered a fire hazard.






canon light in ceiling with no insulation around itTo the left is another great example of why using the thermal imager is critical to uncovering hidden potential problems.

The missing insulation is invisible to the naked eye and would have not been noticed in the ceiling around this light fixture.

Missing insulation is a prime money waster - and the thermal imager tells all!





temperature barrier breachedIs the image to the right we have a "two-fer". We find 2 potential issues with one viewing.

First to the left of the doorway we find missing insulation. In order to fix this the wall would have to opened, insulation added, and then the wall need to be patched.  Being an outside wall, that might be necessary for cost control measures.

Next, we find that there's a huge waste of money going out under the door. In the winter this is heat loss. In the summer, heat is entering through this opening - causing the air conditioner to run more often.

Once again, the thermal imager, like Superman with x-ray vision, sees through normal barriers.



ceiling insulation is missing - potential heat lossIn this example, we see that an entire section of the ceiling is missing insulation.

A deal killer? Hardly.

But still, nice to know about. Wouldn't you agree?






We at Pinnacle Property Inspection Services want you to know that while other home inspection services feel that thermal imagers, if they even use them, are optional and believe that it's fair to charge extra for using this vital piece of equipment, we don't. As you can see from these photo's thermal imaging is crucial to knowing what's hiding in the walls of the home. That's why we use a thermal imager for every home inspection - at no additional fee.

We feel it's that important and we wouldn't want to miss anything. After all, that's why you pay us and trust us with your home inspection.

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